Digital Photo School

Introduction To Digital Photography


Kevin introduces clients/students to HANDS ON DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY and teaches The Craft of Photography. The Craft of Photography is an eight week hands-on practical course for those who wish to understand and use their DSLR cameras to their full potential and learn to make creative and technically competent images, in an enjoyable way with people of like mind and interest.

The courses cover the following topics:-

The seven components that make a photograph • Light - its quality, hue and the way it behaves • Sunny sixteen rule • The law of reciprocity • The 90 degree rule • Understanding lenses and how to choose them • Metering - understand and control the brightness and ratios of your image • Types of meter and methods of Exposure Control • Handle your camera like a pro • Shadow control, fill-in light and light ratios • Portrait lighting and lighting for still life, products etc • Colour temperarure correct techiques and how to trick your white balance for creative shot composition • Techniques and ways to add power to your image • Hands-0n demonstration on depth-of-field and "BOKEH" • Practical, hands-on demonstratioon in the use of accessory flash • Studio lighting - create your own professional portrait or still life.

Course 1 - The Basics


Understand the controls and menus, and what they do for your image. Read more..

Course 2 - Take Control


Fully master your camera controls and set them up for the image you plan. Read more........

Course 3 - Advanced


Lighting for special subjects. Read more..........

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